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BSc Aerospace Engineering

The objective of the programme is to create the solid fundamental engineering knowledge during the first year of study, then acquaint the students with the topics related to the subject of the study. The graduates are prepared for work in industry and solving engineering problems. At first, the aforementioned abilities should be proved by the diploma thesis, where a given problem must be solved, and the work must be documented and explained. Each diploma thesis is reviewed by 2 reviewers and is defended in the presence of commission composed of professors and assistant professors.

Graduates from the Aerospace Engineering demonstrate expertise which helps them meet the requirements of modern aerospace industry, airlines and other industries utilising novel technologies. They are also prepared to respond to the needs of scientific institutions for the research, design, development and maintenance of aircrafts and spacecrafts. Their education is based on mechanics and thermodynamics, including combustion processes, materials and manufacturing technology, with particular focus on those used in aerospace industry, basic electronics and information sciences including CAD.

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Ступінь: Bachelor Oпис
Назва курсу: Engineering Oпис
Де: Warsaw University of Technology Oпис
Мова: English

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3,5 years 10 500 € 1 500 € Замовити зараз

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