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Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas вищий навчальним закладом, який було засновано в 1997 році з ініціативи професора Польської академії наук. Університет поставили повернули до життя, щоб створити можливості для навчання молодих людей з ​​соціальних і політичних наук на рівні з відомими європейськими та американськими університетами.

Нашою метою є не тільки передача нашим студентам захоплюючих міждисциплінарних знань, що дозволяють їм більш глибоко зрозуміти соціальні явища, а й, щоб полегшити здобування практичних навичок, які можуть гарантувати їм вигідне положення на ринку праці і відкритих шляхів розвитку кар'єри в багатьох професійних починаннях. Collegium Civitas в своїх освітніх програмах об'єднує соціальні та гуманістичні знання з області філософії, соціології, політології, сучасної історії, логіки і права з спеціальними знаннями економіки, менеджменту, психології та нових засобів масової інформації.

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Про школу

If you put your interest in social and political science or international relations CC is a place to be!

Collegium Civitas is a modern non-state university located in the heart of Warsaw, the most dynamic capital city of Central and Eastern Europe. Experience and commitment of our founders and faculty members have earned us a reputation of the best place to study international, social and political science in English.
We are entitled to award BA, MA and PhD in a rich variety of programs.

Bachelor and Master Studies

Collegium Civitas offers academic programs in the following fields:

  • diplomacy
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Security
  • Marketing and New Media
  • Market Research and Social Psychology
at the most sought-after tracks and specializations: Sociology, International Relations, Political Science, Journalism, asian Studies

Studies in english

Collegium Civitas was the first non-state higher education establishment in Poland to introduce BA and MA degree programs in the field of International Relations and Political Science conducted entirely in English. Our university offers more than 25 academic English and bilingual (Polish-English) programs in the following areas:

  • International Relations
  • diplomacy and Intercultural Communication
  • International Media and Journalism
  • PR and Marketing
  • Business, Management and International Negotiations

National and international recognition of top quality education!

We have received accreditations from National Accreditation Commission and the University Accreditation Commission at the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities.
Collegium Civitas is proud to hold several certificates of quality of education such as the Kingston University London Certificate, the Trustworthy University Certificate and Certificate of University of Leaders 2011. We are an official member of many international associations and organizations, e.g. the International Sociological Association, the International Society of Political Psychology, the International Political Science Association.

Unique opportunity for our students!

Students have their gates open for a successful career in many European and international organizations. In Collegium Civitas we encourage our students to benefit from educational and career opportunities available in United Europe and we do our best to provide them with a solid educational background to meet high demands of European job market.
Our students are the only ones in Poland to benefit from the Joint European Degree. Collegium Civitas with a cooperation with Kingston University, London, University of Siena, Italy, Viadrina European University , Germany, runs the Human Rights and Genocide Studies MA Program. Another unique offer is dual MA Degree Program in East Central European Studies, which we have established together with West Virginia University, US and the University of Tartu, Estonia.

Collegium Civitas is focused on teaching excellence!

Collegium Civitas strives to achieve teaching excellence. Our modern approach to higher education is based on:

  • Internationally renowned lecturers (both practitioners and theorists),
  • small class sizes, availability of more than 80 elective and obligatory courses,
  • dual and joint degree programs,
  • visiting international students,
  • online registration for courses,
  • online access to readings materials,
  • extra-curriculum lectures by visiting speakers,
  • unique and rewarding internships opportunities.

Prestigious and internationally recognized lecturers

Hardly any university in Europe may boast the fact that as many as four its lecturers are Members of the EU Parliament, as it is the case in Collegium Civitas. Among our instructors there are also former Ambassadors and Charge d´affaires to such countries as the US, Russia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Canada, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Switzerland, Angola, Ireland, Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, and Israel, the President of the Polish National Television Council, Director of the national Academy of Public Administration, Director of the Nonmilitary Security Department of the National Security Bureau, and two members of the Council of the Institute of National Remembrance. Collegium Civitas gives you a chance to learn from the best!

We would love to see you among our students!


If you are genuinely interested in International Relations or Political Science and you are convinced that you are a well-qualified candidate, there are two really important elements of the admissions package that you have to get before becoming a student at our university: a proof of English proficiency and a legalization of your diploma (or an apostille) together with a certificate stating that you are entitled to study at a university/college.

The legalization or the apostille together with the certificate are necessary to have your diploma nostrified (recognized) in Poland or to have it exempt from nostrification (in the case of Higher Education Diplomas).

Important additional requirements for non-Polish citizens stemming from the legal regulations concerning recognition of school certificates and diplomas from institutions of higher education:

  1. Only diplomas issued in Polish or English can be considered. Diplomas issued in other languages have to be translated into Polish or English by an official translator or by the Polish Embassy or Consulate.
  2. While in Poland, international students will be required to nostrify their diplomas in a local educational council unless they come from the countries with which Poland has special recognition agreements

Application package - checklist

The Application Package should contain:

  • Copy of the High School Diploma with a copy of the high-school transcript with the grading scale.
  • Legalization of the High School Diploma or the apostille of it (unless you come from the countries with which Poland has special recognition agreements, details above).
  • Copy of the BA or MA Diploma with a copy of the transcript with the grading scale.
  • Legalization of the BA or MA Diploma or the apostille of it (only for candidates applying for a 2-year MA Program), unless you come from the countries with which Poland has special recognition agreements, details above.
  • Copy of your passport or official ID (only the page(s) showing your name, picture and passport number)
  • Copy of a certificate of good health from your physician
  • Proof of English proficiency

If by a decision the Admissions Committee you are granted a status of a student of Collegium Civitas, we send you a formal pre-acceptance letter by email. The selection of candidates to all programs is carried out on the basis of transparent and fair criteria. The first criterion is an applicant's preceding performance in school or, if the applicant applies to one of our 2-year MA programs, at college (university). The second criterion is a command of the English language. Candidates are required to present evidence of their proficiency in English. Please note that even applicants from countries where English is well-known, such as Nigeria or India, must provide proof of their knowledge of spoken and, in particular, written English, since the writing of academic papers is a major course requirement at Collegium Civitas.



Розміщення університету

Вид Тип Розташування Вартість в місяць Мінімальний термін
Dorm Student residence Warsaw 130 € 91 € 1 month
Dorm Student residence Warsaw 130 € 118 € 1 month
Hostel Student Hostel Warsaw 0 € 145 € 1 month



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